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ACC is proud to be partnering with the NZ Transport Agency and local councils to deliver BikeReady, the national cycling education system.

The programme is designed to have more people biking confidently and safely on our roads, shared paths and cycleways.


BikeReady includes:

  • Formal cycle skills training for all ages

  • Bikes in Schools tracks, providing regular access to bikes on the school grounds.

  • Community and bunch Rider Leaders, leading group rides safely.

  • Delivery focusing on safety around heavy vehicles (engaging with drivers and cyclists).

Having more people using bikes is good for New Zealand on many levels including significant health, environmental and road congestion benefits.

More information on BikeReady, including how to find training near you is here:

BikeReady website

Cycle safety resources

Posters and videos featuring top BMX rider and Olympian Sarah Walker summarise a good helmet fit and the ABCs of a basic bike safety check:

Cycle Safety resources

Bikes in Schools

Bikes In Schools is a programme for school-aged children to learn practical and theoretical bike skills and knowledge in the safety of the schoolyard.

Increasing familiarity and skills with bikes can prevent injuries and unlocks a lifetime of enjoyment with biking.

Bikes in Schools website

Programme evaluation

The evaluation measured how schools have incorporated this programme into their teaching and school life, how the tracks were being used by the wider community, and other recommendations to fully realise the potential of this programme.

Bikes in Schools evaluation summary

The full Bikes in Schools evaluation is now available:

Bikes in Schools evaluation